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Egyptian Cotton

The history of the Egyptian Cotton is largely intertwined with Egypt’s history. Monsieur Jumal, a Frenchman, discovered some neglected plants in one of Cairo’s gardens and took the opportunity to create an extra-long staple cotton. In 1822, Mohamed Ali introduced the commercial production of cotton in Egypt. Furthermore, the foundation of Aswan’s High Dam has assisted spectacularly in controlling the annual floods, which encouraged farmers to use wider land quotas for growing cotton.

Noteworthy, the Egyptian Cotton is much softer than normal cotton and stronger, lasts longer than other kinds of cotton, it is highly absorbent which allows it to hold dyes better than any other cotton, its manufacturing is easy because of its long fibers and it does not create pilling. It is best washed at 40 degrees and could also be ironed on low heat.

It is important to mention that the demand on Egyptian cotton has been and still is increasing rapidly by worldwide importers and manufacturers as its luxurious qualities have not been outranked by any cotton type until this day.

We seek to offer our clients a wide range of different colors, designs, GSM to fit perfectly with their businesses and be admired by their consumers and guests.

Customers Satisfaction

Because we are so keen about our customers' satisfaction, we have managed to initiate successful relationships with the top Egyptian cotton manufacturers, assuring our clients to receive the finest quality with reasonable prices.

Moreover, we aim to improve the trading of Egyptian cotton relying on the commodities trade liberalization and benefiting from the Suez Canal which enables ships to travel much faster and by that, our customers will always enjoy prompt delivery services.

Last but not least, thanks must be given to the Egyptian Ministry of Industry and Foreign Trade of introducing a non-profit association, “Cotton Egypt”, to monitor and promote the use of Egyptian Cotton.