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About Us

About Our Company

Why we started?

By stating the above, we have decided to establish KYK Exports LLC. in order to be able to share our great local products with the rest of the world.
At KYK, we seek the finest, most elegant, high-quality clothing, accessories and house linens for different purposes that would fit flawlessly for every occasion.
Each product we choose to give exposure to is gracefully crafted by local skilled workers who wish to satisfy and dazzle those who use or wear the final goods. Our aim is to deliver our various products with the finest quality and reasonable prices to our clients. We strive to fulfill their needs and have long lasting relationships with them by providing the best service.

We have a skilled team keeping an eye on the changes occurring among worldwide markets, and communicating efficiently with global customers in order to achieve the most fruitful trading journey. Our ultimate goal is to reach our customers’ complete satisfaction. Furthermore, we aim to support, encourage and assist the Egyptian markets in developing and achieving higher ranks among international markets in multiple industrial fields.