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Leather Products

Brief About Leather

Leather has been an enduring feature of almost every era. Based on the development of leather, many countries work on expanding this industry to fit and suit the current need of consumers. We started to trade in this field as the demand on fine leather products is gradually increasing.

Leather products are durable, because of that we look for the premium qualities with excellent finishing in order to make sure that each buyer is bedazzled by the item he/she invested in.

Leather Products:

Moreover, we are always aligning our manufacturers with our customers’ preferences. We also gladly share the newest designs with our clients. Furthermore, we aim to enhance and enrich the Egyptian leather manufacturing industry. At KYK, our goal is to be part of this trade and its development. We assure our clients that they will be proudly providing their consumers with luxurious products whether they are handmade, or machine manufactured.

Our traders work under a high-quality controlled environment and their wide range of leather types is used for the manufacture of various range of products.

Furthermore, with the support and passion of our craftsmen, we customize special orders that are requested by our clienteles as we are pleased to see their businesses expanding and appealing.

At KYK, we assure to deliver our customers the finest quality with reasonable prices.